Millions (2004)

What a disappointment. I didn't think Danny Boyle could make a boring film, but now I'll be more wary.

The trailer of this film really sold me: cute British motherless boy discovers heaps of money and has dilemma on what to do with it while being visited by saints. Hmmm? Original. I wonder what the message will be. The problem is that the movie left me with the exact same sentiments and questions.

The acting in the film seemed geared towards children, though some elements in the film don't led itself towards children (though I don't recall any bad language). The entire film lends itself towards the unreal - especially the final scene set in Africa (yikes! heavy, well groomed Africans in a desert village just receiving a well? Casting and costuming, you're fired.).

Boyle has a distinct style full of timelapse photography and quick camera work, and while it's pretty cool photography, it really doesn't work in this film. The whole time all these cool effects are flashing around, you're still left wondering when the real purpose of the film will reveal itself.

The faint efforts to show how materialistic we are don't ring very well. Of course we know we are selfish westerners, what does this movie have to say that is new or convicting on the subject. The use of quirky saints was also quite weak as was it's notion of the miraculous. Sorry kids, watch something a little more realistic or a little more fantastic if you're looking of inspiration and conviction.

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