Avatar (2009)

In 3-Dimensions!! Despite my plan to boycott the film (because Mr. Cameron doesn't need my $10), I ended up caving and going to see it based on many people's recommendations.

Futuristic mining operation on a distant and inhabited planet is being run by the US military. The indigenous tall and naked blue people are resistant to the plans to turn the whole place into a mound of dirt, so a subversive method of sending in spy blue people in to learn how to convince them to yield is employed - a human controls the body of a void blue person (an avatar). A lame soldier controlling his avatar ends up falling in love with the indigenous and joining their cause (big twist!!).

So yeah, the visuals were pretty great, though I would have enjoyed more real life mixed in with CG (the final sequence has quite a bit). The 3-D element worked really well and it wasn't abused.

What wasn't terribly impressive was the story, the characters, and the overall challenge. It is clear that they are drawing a parallel between the blue folks and planet earth's indigenous population. The happy ending scenario is clearly a departure from reality and is clearly motivated to make money, not good cinema. The notion that the earth is a deity is lectured heavily too.

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