Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room (2005)

The sad and infuriating story of Enron's demise.

This documentary follows the CEO, president, formulators, and criminals who built the Enron empire out of paper and speculation. We are given the essential details as to how the company grew over two decades and then quickly fell over a matter of a couple months.

The film is very good at keep the focus on individual players so that the view isn't lost. However, it does needlessly bring the film into a higher MPAA rating by including scenes from a strip club that could easily have been inferred, thus keeping the film out of classrooms.

The "smart guys" and the financial system are effectively demonized throughout the picture. It urges its viewers to take a second look at the economic structure in the west.

Truth: The fall of civilization has its roots in the human depravity of its all-to-powerful leaders. Deregulation does not empower the consumer when there aren't several providers of the service.


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