L'âge des ténèbres (2007)

This is another brilliant film from Québec's pre-eminent director Denys Arcand. This time he explores fantasy life as opposed to how we pursue career and materialism.

Jean-Marc is a provincial employee in a semi-futuristic and very humdrum, big brotherish Montreal. He pushes paper while his wife cheats on him and his daughters ignore him. Fortunately for him, he fantasizes most of the day of sexual interludes with imaginary women. When his life continues to disintegrate, he starts to take steps towards real fulfillment.

The first real quality of this film is the very clever writing. Arcand doesn't leave a viewer in a very serious mood for long, though some very somber matters surface frequently. The depth of the story and Jean-Marc's character do affect you and cause for reflection.


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