$9.99 (2008)

A first feature by an Australian animator, $9.99 is original and packs a lot into the 78 minutes it takes to watch it. An ensemble cast of clay figurines who occupy an apartment building in Sydney, Australia are the centre of this tale about the meaning of life.

The film opens with an odd interchange between a homeless man and a business man. The homeless man ends up offing himself and later reappears as a disgruntled angel. The business man's sons meaning in their lives. An elderly man seeks companionship. A model moves in and seduces a tenant. A magician tries to avoid having his things repossessed. Through it all, the meaning of life is for sale in a small book available for only $9.99

The artistic merit and effort makes this film worthwhile. The story does have some value too, but it's not as engaging as the clay figures who tell it.

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