Wo Hu Cang Long (2000)

Ang Lee directs us to an imaginary China of the not too distant past where martial arts experts are able to fly. And really, it is such a thrill to watch that I dreamt about flying after watching this film. This is sort of an Adult version of Peter Pan that is set in a slightly more realistic land.

Aside from the exquisite beauty of the Chinese wilderness, we are given an intimate look at a relationship that never is, but should have been (kind of like Brokeback Mountain). We also look at expectation vs. desire through the life of a young female warrior. So this film becomes a rich story with rich characters set against a rich backdrop.

What appreciate too, more than the first time I watched the film, is the surreal and tragic ending that leaves us wondering a fair bit. Not many recent films achieve such bittersweetness for their viewers.

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