Juno (2007)

When independent films work well, the public responds (Napoleon Dynamite, Little Miss Sunshine, etc.). Juno is superb and deserves the accolades it got - it wasn't all hype.

High schooler Juno is a misfit who doesn't care what others think. She is independent and troubled and mouthy. When she becomes pregnant, she continues to be herself and surprises her friends and family. Then she is surprised.

Some of the movies strengths are its strong and biting writing. The characters come alive and expose the funnier side of yuppy-dom and nerd-dom. The soundtrack is both deepening and playful, exposing that uneasiness of adolescence. Above all else, the acting deserves accolades.'

Some interesting insights can be enjoyed by scraping the tough, cynical dialogues. At their cores, teenagers simply want to be loved for being themselves.

Truth: Get to know one another and then love one another anyway.

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