Vertigo (1958)

He got me. I was sincerely fooled by the master story teller Hitchcock. As far as the rest of the movie, kind of pointless.

The opening sequence explains why detective "Scotty" experiences severe vertigo when looking down from great heights. He is then hired on for a private job to tail a woman who seems to be taken over by a spirit of a woman long dead. The story takes off from there at a snail's pace, we the audience get fed small clues along the way only to have the rug pulled out from under us as happens to the P.I.

I was surprised as how one vein in the story was so poorly wrapped up. There is great build up and tension and then there is nothing more.

The makeup job is quite commendable as it plays a key role in the plot. It's old time dramatic music and obvious film track driving, but these add to the charm of this old film. I really enjoy watching James Stewart through the movie as a truly tortured soul too.


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