The Invasion (2007)

It seems that starting with a classic story, big time actors, and a big budget doesn't necessarily equate a good movie. By trying too hard to earn good ticket sales, the film is hollow; this remake of Invasion of the Body Snatchers is a flop.

An alien virus takes hold in the world, but we get the inside scoop on the center of the universe, Washington D.C. The virus only manifests itself after the carrier sleeps. The infected then show no emotion and join the army of zombies trying to infect the masses by vomiting in their drinks (or faces). The story rides on a series of coincidences and illogical sequences with a perky Nicole Kidman trying too hard to show emotional restraint.

There is a hint of allegory in regards to people being asleep to the realities and horrors of the world because of government control, but it fades pretty quickly behind story repeats that we've seen before in War of the Worlds and 28 Days Later among a multitude of other movies.

Truth: Human nature is to be cruel and at the same time resist cruelty; indifference should not reign.

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