Little Children (2006)

The title of this film says a lot. The Spanish title is Intimate Secrets and that is simply cliché. This film speaks of the value of children, the lack of maturity in adults, the sexualization and attraction of children, the role of one spouse to parent the other, and finally innocence. It's not just about an affair.

The acting in this film blew me away. Everyone. Even the three-year-olds. Bravo!

The story is at the same time linear and simple, tongue-in-cheek, and deeply sociological. We learn not of the evils of society, but what propels things like abuse, ostracism, unforgiveness and adultery: the childish need for love.

I'm not completely certain why the sex scenes had to be so graphic. That would be my question for this master director (I guess it sells more movie tickets if there is a promise of nudity). I don't think it told the story any better (as it did in Babel for instance).

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