Stranger than Fiction (2006)

I was sincerely surprised at how good this movie was. Will Ferrell pulled off what Adam Sandler did in Punch Drunk Love.

Super story telling that may be on the edge of preachy, but not as much as I ♥ Huckabees. The characters are refreshingly original and keep the viewer interested in their fate.

The music is something quite notable in the film. Nothing too pretentious, everything very evocative.

The portrayal of determinism and the search for destiny and the quest for survival are so uniquely portrayed. The author of our hero's life can easily be akin to the author of life, writing out beautiful stories as we seek out to lead our own lives in opposition to what is lain out before us. I am not a determinist, but this film was great at displaying what it is that I don't believe in. There are aspects like plans for our lives that are best for the world or choosing to do what is right that I do agree with and are threads in the philosophy of this film.

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Unknown said...

I like this movie so much.
the graphics at the beginning are killer.
and for a moment near the end I really did think he would die; and I had accepted it.