Rosewood (1997)

This drama is based on actual events that were only recently recorded and acknowledged. The grim account of a massacre outside of Gainesville, Florida in 1923 that was essentially ignored by the state government and police.

A relatively affluent black town neighbours a white town and while racial tensions persist, they coexist peacefully until a woman makes a grave accusation that she was beaten and raped by a non-descript black man. A posse is formed and lynching ensues - men, women and children are beaten and the atrocities persist for days. Black women and children hide for their lives in the nearby swamps as they are tracked by hounds.

The film embellishes the story by including a black superhero (Ving Rhames), but the essence of the story is enraging and you can not watch this film without considering what kind of country simply allows this kind of injustice.


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