I'm Not There (2007)

Best Biopic Ever! Really!

Bob Dylan is portrayed by six different actors who play six very different characters with different names. They collage is even shot differently with different hues, film styles and camera movements for each aspect of the legendary poet/singer/icon. Most notable of the portrayals are Cate Blanchette's thin electric Dylan circa "Highway 61 Revisited" and Christian Bale's earnest preacher. Bale's singing is so moving too.

I was shocked at how every Dylan song that came up was one of my personal favorites, and not necessarily the big hits: "Visions of Johanna," "Tombstone Blues," "When the Ship Comes In," "I Want You," "The Lonesome Death Of Hattie Carroll," "Idiot Wind," and "Maggie's Farm."

The quest that Dylan seemed to have of personifying different entities is the essence of the film. In pursuing truth, he uncovers a different aspect of himself and America, each of which carries a weight of responsibility and freedom.

Though I am familiar with much of Dylan's catalog, I am compelled to listen to more of his music, especially songs from the Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid soundtrack - maybe I'll even watch the film sometime.

Truth: The willingness to express one's desire and conscience is one of the most beautiful and attractive aspects of a person. Maturity exacts new revelations of one's character.

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