Being Julia (2004)

A thorough disappointment. Considering how many different people funded this project, it is clear that no one wanted to get behind it 100% - too risky.

The problem with this film is that it is really boring. It tries too hard to be funny and charming. Ultimately, we could care less about the characters because they don't care about themselves or each other. This is Annette Bening's virtuoso film and she was not a sympathetic character, so watching her giggle throughout the movie gets quite tiresome.

The overarching theme they try to communicate is identity. Bening plays Julia, a successful and aging stage actress in who performs her life as though she is on stage. Her life fizzles of course and we get to watch her regain consciousness. There's nothing like watching a rich person flop around like a dying fish.

A couple performances were OK, but not worth watching the movie for.

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