De Tweeling (2002)

A tragic film of twin German sisters who are separated in childhood when their parents die. It proves a study in humanity and the brotherhood and sisterhood that exists among all people, but the sad reality that we allow things like nationalism to separate us.

The girls grow up on opposing sides in World War II, one in poverty in Germany, the other in an affluent Dutch home. They are reunited on three occasions in adulthood, but bitterness keeps them separated. We get an intimate view of both sides of the war. An S.S. officer who only joins because he can be decommissioned earlier and a jew sent off to Auschwitz form the romantic sides of the sisters. These traits alone prove to be divisive despite expressed support of the sisters reuniting and seeking understanding.

Twin Sisters is told very well, blending memory with three pairs of terrific actresses to represent the sisters during different epochs.

Truth: If we lay down our own pride and seek to understand who our enemies are, we may find that they are our brothers and sisters.


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