Roseanna's Grave (1997)

A film made back when they still tried to sell romantic comedies with good actors, not just pretty actors. This one even went so far as to situate itself outside of the USA!

The story is quite original: Roseanna is dying of an illness and there are only 3 plots left in the church cemetery where her daughter is buried. Her husband has pledged to bury her in one of those plots, but it's a race against time because people keep dying before his wife does. He's torn - keep his promise or lose his wife. There is a subplot of the church trying to acquire land adjacent to the graveyard, but the land owner is unwilling, for personal reasons.

The lead actors are familiar supporting actors that you will recognize. The supporting actors are not familiar, but do a swell job. Everyone holds their own as Italians speaking English too. I would have preferred Italians speaking Italian with English subtitles. The producers called the shots though; English = more cash.

A blend of slapstick humour, gorgeous Italian scenery and genuine affection between these middle-aged lovers make this film enjoyable to watch. But this film is easy to forget because so little of it is easy to identify with. The more original the film tries to be, the further away it leaves the audience.


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