American Psycho (2000)

There was an uproar when this film was released because of the ultraviolent content. I'm not sure if the same outcry would happen today after the Saw and Hostel movies. I even remember Huey Lewis making a statement that he didn't want his song "It's Hip to be Square" to be in the movie because it plays during a particularly brutal murder scene involving a raincoat, newspaper, and a shiny axe.

The film is much more than a thriller or slasher flick. It makes a very strong statement about the nature of the consumer mentality and the shallow humanity that masks the sticky depth of inhumanity. It is a frenetic analysis of the psychoticism and barbarism of the post-1960's American yuppy culture.

Christian Bale deserves note here. He captures his shallow and evil character perfectly. He sweats with hateful envy when his coworkers show off their new business cards. He carefully asserts his admiration for particular albums by Phil Collins, Huey Lewis, and Whitney Houston before hacking someone to death. He meticulously cares for his physic with various creams, excercises and massages. He is the epitome of a zero entity - no feeling.

Yet, redemption does manage to eek its way into Patrick Bateman's tiny black heart - and that makes all the difference. Oh, and if you can't handle hardcore violence and sex, maybe skip this one. It's pretty graphic.

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