Jumper (2008)

Living out fantasies of little boys without regard for morality. I remember dreaming of being invisible so that I could go where I wanted, when I wanted without consequence. This film follows a similar fantasy of being able to teleport oneself anywhere in the world in an instant.

A teenager discovers he has this power, leaves home, and uses it for self gratification and living a consequence free (for him) lifestyle. He grows up and realizes that he is lonely and finds the girl he used to crush on. The story reeks of cliché, but I remind myself that the film is for teenagers who dream of escape.

The belief that living without regard for the rest of the world invades the underlying message of the film. Being irresponsible is what some overzealous, religious nuts are fighting against - these are the bad guys who actually kill the jumpers they catch. Overall, it's a poor message to convey to already self-interested teenagers.

Truth: If you ever get a superpower, use it for the good of humanity, not just for yourself.

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