Midnight Cowboy (1969)

This film takes us on a journey into the heart of man and a discovery of the things that dwell there.

When a lonely and naïve Texas stud moves to New York City looking for work satisfying the ladies, he is unravelled and finds himself broke and friendless - except for Ratso a fast-talking bum. The two adventure together trying to make easy money.

The strengths in this film are the force of character and the portrayal of determination by both Hoffman and Voight's characters. They are driven by a desire to leave the past behind, but the fortunes they seek aren't the fortunes they need. They are men, ill-equipped for life and we see them wallow in the sewers of humanity. The end of the film does give us hope, but not before plunging us into darkness.

Truth: Poverty is a state of mind. Every man requires love and companionship to equip him for life.

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