Mr. & Mrs. Smith (1941)

Perhaps the least typical of all of Alfred Hitchcock's films, this one is an all out comedy.

The story revolves around a married couple who resolve their spats by locking themselves in the bedroom until they make amends. Suddenly, they find out that they are not legally married due to a technicality. When a spat arises, the wife decides that their usual technique of resolution can't be used and the husband spends the rest of the film trying to win back his wife through a series of rather hilarious episodes (particularly the restaurant scene).

For it's era, it was may have been a little risqué, but nowadays, we would let our primary school children watch it. There isn't an on screen kiss, nor an indecent act of adultery (or married physical love) hinted at.

There is a definite Hitchcock fingerprint on this film. The anxiety and suspense in the scenes are masterfully crafted.

Truth: It is the things that attract us most to the ones we love that drive us the craziest.


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