William Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream (1999)

I've seen this play on stage twice and then with this film. I can say with assurance that live performances are much more fun even if the acting, sets and costumes aren't as exotic as they are in this film. The film is still fun though, full of laughs and production originality. The play within the play is still my favorite part and I howl with laughter at each production I see.

The pure magic of the story is of course Shakespeare's wit. The wide vocabulary, sharp puns, and rhyming make this a joy to simply listen to, let alone the imaginative setting and colourful characters.

This production went all out getting half a dozen of the hottest actors of that year and then filling the rest of the cast with another half dozen familiar faces. Kevin Kline is by far the stand-out actor in the bunch and you can tell he's having fun as Bottom. Calista Flockhart plays a great skinny Helena and Stanley Tucci is a likeable Puck.

Watching it again after 4 years, I was surprised that the special effects weren't more elaborate. The sets and costumes were certainly over the top with a lavish setting in 19th Century Italy. All fun and seductive.


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Amber said...

It was neat to see Christian Bale in this now that he's hit the big-time. I agree that Kevin Kline gave the best performance. Calista Flockhart was okay but not spectacular.