Knocked Up (2007)

See The 40 Year-Old Virgin. I'm actually not too disappointed that Judd Apatow has created a niche for "shock comedy/thoughtful reflection on sex issues" movies. It sure beats the mindless comedies (gross or not gross) that add a ridiculous story and pointless sensitive moments to try and fill out a movie.

So why on earth would I give 9 stars to a film that has 4 men mime an pornographic orgy scene and where they also spend most of the film creating a website that helps you find what movies have nude scenes? Because the characters are authentic. The talk is dirty and meant to generate a creepy tingling feeling in your spine while you laugh your head off, but they (especially the four leads - 2 couples) also aren't putting on airs of being something that they aren't. The film isn't completely free from the ridiculous though.

The issue of unwanted or mistaken pregnancy has never been so enjoyably portrayed on film. They address some stereotypical issues, but also bring up some new ones like vaginal deformity, importance of parenting, and the new face of what family is looking like in the postmodern world. One of the most endearing scenes was the father telling his newborn dauther how it was that she was conceived (not wearing a condom because of some miscommunication), but asserting that it was the best mistake he had ever made.

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