Vicky Cristina Barcelona (2008)

Freedom and commitment are typical themes for a Woody Allen drama. Jealousy and boredom are also typical themes for a Woody Allen drama. At least he gives both sides a fair shot.

Vicky and Christina, daughters of a privileged American culture, spend the summer in Barcelona to pursue their artistic interests. Instead, they both end up pursuing the same man, the straight-talking Juan Antonio. Vicky is already engaged to marry a flat financial droned from sector USA. Christina is happy to let her life raft bump into any passing ship. Tensions rise when Juan Antonio's violent and passionate ex enters the scene.

There are some truly hilarious moments in the film. The acting is captivating as are the Spanish surroundings. I don't think the film caused me to question my own situation in any way as the characters seemed all to self-involved to make any kind of relationship viable - open or committed.

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