The Prestige (2006)

The magnificence of this movie lies in the depth of the motive of each of these characters. One it his need to be genuine, the other in his need to be first.

I was so taken with this film when I saw it last year. The compelling story telling of master director Christopher Nolan and the genius acting of Christian Bale and the rest of the cast suit each other so well.

At the same time as being horrifying, the film also becomes mysterious in the opening moments of the film. The layers of deception run deep, but this speaks to our desire to be fooled. We want to believe in magic and the supernatural and so we will allow just about anything to do just that. It's simply our own desires that are the magician's most powerful tools - and Satan's too I would venture.

Truth that I can detect in this film is the discipline to keep a secret, even at the cost of death, when it is the foundation of your integrity. When people lose this integrity and discipline, then it is virtually impossible to trust them. It is a foundational part of our society that has been eroding steadily with the advent of rapid global fame and fortune - people are willing to sell their friendships and secrets for their 15 minutes.

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