Tropic Thunder (2008)

There is a tremendous genius behind giving audiences what you know they want in a way that makes fun of the exchange. Parody is brought to new heights (financially and comedically in Tropic Thunder's case).

Being the top actors in different genres (rude comedy, action hero, and drama) there is no question that it is a recipe for a successful war movie. Unfortunately, all of their idiosyncrasies do not blend very well on set. The movie is going well over budget and producers are freaking out. The director decides to go rogue and shoot the movie guerrilla style, except... 

As with 99% of all comedies, the poor character development that stretches on for nearly 2 hours impedes the story which drags on. I think they would have done better without a story, offering stunts and one-liners one after another. Jack Black rocks though.

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