Noise (2007)

Should a man get so worked up about his rights to a quiet neighbourhood being infringed upon? This character thinks so - it's a test of his manhood you could say.

David Owen lives in New York City and car alarms torment him to the point that he has taken matters into his own hands (along with his baseball bat). His vigilante actions land him into some trouble with the law and his marriage. Soon he's fighting legal battles with city hall.

The ideas in this film are more allegorical than realistic, though I'm sure everyone has fantasized about cracking a bat over someone's car whose alarm won't quit. The issue here is one of power and purpose - or whether or not one should stand idly by as others idly neglect what is good in this world.

Noise kind of takes everything to an absurd level (the mayor's character is way over the top and doesn't really bring much to the table of believability). The emphasis on sexual relationships and the passivity towards infidelity really doesn't sit well and tended to overshadow the main plot.


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