The Dark Knight (2008)

At 2 1/2 hours long, this film was too short. It was also amazing, so I shouldn't complain. I've seen all of Christopher Nolan's films now and he hasn't disappointed me yet.

Following the destruction of Wayne Manor in Batman Begins, Bruce Wayne/Batman moves into a new, more urban location, and fortunately for him (or because of him), Gotham City is much safer and cleaner than it was. Until the Joker shows up. 

What is very impressive is that the Joker doesn't simply rely on one-liners to make the character (though there are some choice ones). He personifies a mad blend of nihilism, destruction, anarchy, and circus performer. Heath Ledger soared.

Identity is discussed at length. Is a man what he stands for? Is a man what he presents to the public? For a masked crusader and villain, the questions are quite relevant, as they are for us.

The effects, design, pacing, and writing are fabulous. I just wish there were more.

Truths: If it's justice you seek, you must be just. There are those who, when given the opportunity, reveal the best of humanity while others will reveal the worst.

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