Strength and Honour: Cycling Canada Coast to Coast (2006)

Friday was the one year anniversary of my first film's world premiere at the Festival des Filmes du Monde in Montreal. Since I hadn't watched it since our showing at Red Willow Church in St. Albert, AB in January, I thought it would be interesting to see it again. As I edited the film, nothing new ever reveals itself when I watch it, but it still does conjure emotion.

The documentary is a blend of footage shot during a 7-week cycling trip accross Canada and interview footage taken a year and a half later.

I thought I would give the film 7 stars before watching it, but after seeing it again, I must give it 8. There is quite a bit of substance to it. It made me laugh. It made me cry. It inspired me. The characters are genuine and transparent; their valleys are real and the mountain tops euphoric. Plus, Justin's music really enhanced it the film. I found two bloggers who saw the film at the festival and reviewed it and discovered that it was inspirational for them too: MontrealKulturatti and Kozo's Thoughts.

What makes this movie not a 10 is the quality and quantity of footage from the actual trip. The sound from the interviews has a consistent buzz from the camera that could have been avoided if I had used an external microphone.

I've enjoyed showing this film to friends in Guatemala, Edmonton, and of course the showings in Montreal. The accolades from viewers has been very encouraging and I look forward to showing the film many more times.

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