The Air I Breath (2007)

This is a pared down film in the tradition of Crash and Babel. It seeks to explore how we are interconnected and the possibility of Divine intervention, though not explicitly.

A banker, a doctor, and a criminal strong man weave through each others lives and a pop diva's existence. Without knowing it, they contribute to the life of the woman even as their lives are impacted with happiness, pleasure, and love. It is a modern day parable with some stereotypical characters facing some surreal circumstances.

Forest Whitaker again proves his status as a top actor as the stuttering banker. The film is shot nicely with some stylistic aptitude and the writing is good, but not great. Perhaps I'm jaded, but I'm not moved by far out stories as much as by simple people facing realistic challenges and over coming them or sacrificing themselves for others. We see some of that here, but it tries too hard in many ways - appealing to conscience and action fans at the same time.

I was drawn in for the first 20 minutes and nothing following that was an improvement.

Truth: We are most alive when we pour our lives into others and recognize how others lives have been poured into ours.

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