Mr. Woodcock (2007)

When an twenty-something comic actor gets a name for himself and the movie production companies see enough dollar signs in that name, it's inevitable that they are teamed up with a veteran in a pointless comedy. And if the trailer is funny, I'll inevitably see it. And it will inevitably disappoint me.

The premise involves an evil gym teacher who humiliates and tortures the fat and non-athletic students. One of those students grows up and authors a book on how to overcome such abuse only to find out that the gym teacher is now dating his mom. Situation. Situation. Situation. The end and all is well in the world again.

We are infuriated than laughing throughout the film as the young man does his best to be the better man when he's with his old teacher, until he can't take it anymore and flips out in front of his mom. It is commendable that he isn't always scheming against his mom's beau, but rather entertaining the Christian ideal of doing unto others as he would have done to himself.

Truth: Nothing good comes of vengeance. Despite it's difficulty, one always feels better after choosing to reply to evil with good.

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