The Bourne Ultimatum (2007)

Though I'm really not a fan of the CIA and I think that most of their purposes are for evil, this film is extremely entertaining. My distinction here is that though the CIA is not presented in a terribly good light, it limits the "badness" to a few rogue directors like the coldwar Bond movies did with the bad guys stealing nukes.

One thing makes this film tremendous is how it depicts surveillance. I remember reading about how London was putting up all these cameras as a way to prevent terrorism and this third installment of the Bourne dynasty plays off this. A question that was put to me during the film was "how much surveillance is too much?" I sometimes feel that even in a mountain town in Guatemala, I could be picked off by a CIA agent (in a case of mistaken identity of course).

This is a blend of the recent surge of comic book superheroes and hightech thrillers. Bourne's supernatural anticipation of people's behaviour is assumed to have been learned while training for the CIA, but he's got the burning desire of justice on his side.

I have to comment of the remix of Moby's Extreme Ways at the end of the movie - it's awesome! Unfortunately, the projection operator cut it off about 15 seconds in.

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