American Gangster (2007)

This is really a classic cop-crime film in the tradition of Heat, but this one is true. We sympathize deeply with both Russel Crowe's stand-up narcotics policeman and Denzel Washingtons heroin mob boss.

While corruption runs deep in the greater NY area police and as the Vietnam War continues to become less and less popular, these two men rise to the top of their games. Neither are angels, but they both struggle against greater evils it seems. Their transformations are slow, but ultimately redemptive.

The brilliant inner struggles aside, we get a glimpse into the drug world of the 1970's from the commercial beginning to the destructive end. The United States willingness to make drugs a priority on the outside without really making it a priority is one of the chief statements - despite some successes in breaking up organized crime. We note that the political will to rule is overrides the possibility for real change - just as we see in the mob.

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