The Full Monty (1997)

A wonderful tale of the underbelly of society, globalization, and manhood. As factories close and the city of Sheffield, Scotland becomes unemployed, more than just a lack of income ensues. People lose their faith, their relationships, their pride and most importantly, their hope.

Terrific performances by some now very big names in acting ensure that you will sympathize with the films protagonists - losers of society. Issues such as body image, divorce, fatherhood, pride, and suicide are touched on in a humane way. You can walk away from the film rejoicing even though you've been challenged deeply by the pain the characters experience.

And so it's a light film balancing heavy topics. The lightly melancholy jazz soundtrack and the 70's dance tracks outweigh the funeral scene and the child custody battle. In this way it succeeds because it becomes accessible to all - well, those who can wink at male stripping anyhow. The rating of the film is based on the mature subject matter and the swearing - which is a must in any realistic, urban Scottish film.

The strength of friendship brings the film to its end and leaves you wanting more, unlike the spectators at the finale in the film; they get the full monty.


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