500 Days of Summer (2009)

Joseph Gordon-Levitt shows us that he's a greatly versatile and gifted actor by being in every scene in this love/summer movie.

Tom meets Summer and is smitten. Summer is not as smitten, but the two form a relationship that flourishes and then dies. Tom's character, the eyes through which we see the relationship, spends plenty of time in his own altered reality, so the story is not really objectively grounded. Song and film genres are just a couple of the ways that the film enhances the 500 days.

The film recounts their relationship by juxtaposing scenes from the early part of the relationship with ones from the end - an easy way to write turns into a story. For this reason, the editing and effects department deserve commendations for the seamless and vivid account.

It's a great film that everyone (men too) can enjoy - and possibly relate to.

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