Ne Le Dis à Personne (2008)

This is certainly one of the best films I've watched in the past year. It reminded me quite a bit of Roman Polanski's Frantic where a husband is seeking the truth about his wife's whereabouts against all odds and another Harrison Ford film, The Fugitive where he's trying to clear his name in his wife's murder.

Ne Le Dis à Personne is a combination love story and mystery set in Paris. A doctor's wife is murdered in a horrible attack eight years previous. Now, new evidence is surfacing that can implicate the husband. He begins to research his wife's involvements prior to her demise uncovering clues as to why the murder took place (motive has always been a mystery).

The story is brutal but also poetic and romantic. The suspense and mystery is well orchestrated because it doesn't drop any hints at all as the story unfolds. We are in the dark with the husband for most of the telling.

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