Live Free or Die Hard (2007)

So, action movies without any meaning or depth usually aren't my pick, but...

Senseless killing, far-fetched plotlines, unexplained time discrepencies, character deification, and American sentimentality aside, this was one fun movie. I could spend this entire review taking apart the film because of how ridiculous it was, but that wouldn't be fun. What was fun was watching Bruce Willis's reactions after each and every time he cheated death.

I do have to say, because the story was so far fetched, it was kind of distracting to the better elements of the film. I mean, all the computer hacking and supernatural knowledge of power grids and communication lines were so foolish, I couldn't take any of the film seriously... which is good, right?

I can't say that I was really carried away by any of the situational disaster and tension that was presented. It was more an edge of my seat excitement to see what Willis would do next and what his comeback line would be. The visual effects of large scale car accidents and an overpass getting blown to bits by a Herrier are sweet.

The film easily reached its goal - adrenaline rush and lots of laughs. I felt invincible after watching it.

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