The Fountain (2006)

After seeing Darren Aronofsky's The Wrestler, I knew I would have to ignore the terrible reviews The Fountain got and watch it anyway. After all, he'd also made Requiem for a Dream.

This art film blurs the lines between a novel a character is writing about the tree of life set in 16th century Spain/Guatemala, a modern day couple's struggle against cancer in the USA, and a 500 year leap into the future on a space craft near a dying star's nebulae. 

I liked it. While the story may not have gripped me as much as I would have liked, many of the conclusions and imagery lingered on in my mind after the credits rolled. Hugh Jackman was an on screen force that kept me awake through some slow spots. There was plenty of tension to keep the story interesting too. Ultimately, the contemplation of death, rebirth, dealing with loss, and the value of life was refreshing.

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