Eragon (2006)

I never had the desire to see this movie. A friend sent it to me and said he wasn't impressed, so I watched it.

Going into it with that attitude helped. Also, someone told me that it was written by a child, so that helped too. It wasn't horrible or bad, but I certainly didn't get anything out of it. I was never into Dragonlance novels or Dungeons and Dragons, but if I was I don't think I would have enjoyed this film because it didn't go very deep into some kind of mythology.

Storywise, it was pretty linear: boy becomes hero/man. The bad guys were really bad; the good guys were really good, but you aren't supposed to know that right away. You have a southsayer and a princess and a mentor... It didn't do anything new. If it had, I would have added a couple more stars.

Something about these types of films - the family drama fantasy film - bothers me. There is an overwhelming amount of scary imagery so those who would really enjoy this film (8-12 year olds) probably won't see it because of that if their parents have any say or judgement - at least for the really young ones.

I enjoyed the computer graphic imagery and the scenery quite a bit. It's remarkable how realistic everthing seems and how easy it is to believe as compared to the animatronic stuff from just a decade ago. The dragon was probably the best part of the film, though the acting wasn't too bad (not fabulous though).

Oh, and there's a sequel coming. I won't be watching it.

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P said...

So I just read through your whole movie blog and really like some of your thoughts. I will deffinitely have to frequent it more.

Unknown said...

Thanks Petra. Glad to have a critical thinking reader on board. I really enjoyed your post about The Departed a while back. You should get a movie review blog going too.

Marta said...

I read the book eragon and the second book eldest. I have to say that the movie was very, very dissapointing. I loved the books(I like fantasy) and found that the story was very good especially since it was written by a 15 year old. But it was sad to see that the movie strayed to so far from teh actual plot. I don't see how they plan to make the second movie when they left out so much of the plot in the first.