Eyes Wide Shut (1999)

What is often considered Kubrick's follow-up to Lolita almost 40 years later is this risqué flick with heavy star power. He again explores the dark liquid that seeps out when the bubble of lust is punctured.

Dr. Bill is wealthy, married to a beautiful woman, has a young daughter and yet when confronted with his wife's secret lustful desires he decides to try and risk it all on one night driven by lust. While his mind seems to be committed to the act and repeated opportunities present themselves to be unfaithful to his wife he is unable to commit with his body. As he retraces his footprints the next day he discovers the truth of where a simple misstep could have brought him.

For all that the film delivers in regards to straight smut in the orgy scene, it draws its viewers into contact with real temptation and then allows them to recoil later on in the film along with Dr. Bill.

The film delivers great insights into a heart of darkness, or the leprous heart as Malcolm Muggeridge calls it, but even more so we get a fabulous pay off of confession from a truly contrite heart understanding the depth of his sin.

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