Crime and Punishment (1998)

There have been many film adaptations to Fyodor Dostoevsky's classic book, and this low budget one could probably rank as the briefest.

Rodya Romanovich Raskolnikov, a student in St. Petersburgh, finds himself penniless and with obscure ideas on the nature of man. He decides to commit murder and theft to address both issues only to find that it compounds his problems, even to eternal consequences. The people around him seek to help him, but his pride and fear push them away, all except one.

The acting isn't so bad, despite the inexpensive set pieces, but the accents are weak and the extras stepped out of a TV movie (but I guess that's what this is). Ben Kinsley is particularly good as Porfiri, the chief inspector.

The story is intact however and that's what matters. I read the book 7 years ago and the film brought it all back.

Truth: Salvation comes both as a gift of love and through confession.


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