P.S. I Love You (2007)

A post-mortem romance a la Ghost, but not as supernatural, nor as moving. It tries to spring open your tear ducts, but doesn't.

Handsome, hardworking Irishman dies leaving his pretty, emotional, American wife to recover. To help her grieve, he leaves her some letters and she has her stereotypically quirky friends. It's a drawn out process with muted moments of discovery until the very end.

I didn't enjoy this film because the characters were too formulaic, too atypical. Take possible love interest portrayed by chubby Harry Connick Jr. He is recovering from a lost relationship too. He is blunt and forward. He likes baseball. He's not very compelling. There's one of the girlfriends, one of the Friends stars. She's on the prowl for a husband. After watching her interview men a couple times, we get tired of the antics and lack of character.

We get a bit of Ireland and a bit of New England. We get a couple flashbacks. We get chick flick comic relief. We even get some nice music. What we don't get are a compelling story and characters. The love story isn't even good.

Truth: When someone we love dies, it takes time to recover. (I know, a real brain teaser)

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