Dnevnoy Dozor (2006)

I highly anticipated watching the sequel to the tremendously original Night Watch. I'm not a vampire movie fan, but this one took the battle of good vs. evil and the determinism vs. choice discussion to a great visual height.

Day Watch turns the page of our protagonist's understanding of his choice to abort his son in the first film. We see the consequences on both parties and we can appreciate a broader view of how decisions based on self affect others. The new characters are only slightly more compelling than the first movie's cast. The story is just as multifaceted, relying more on sensitive intuition than overt exposition.

My absolute favorite part about this film is that it doesn't cater to any other culture's sensitivity (particularly western ones). It is flat out Russian and if a viewer doesn't understand some cultural nuance or historical nod, so what. They aren't out to please everyone, they are out to make a great film - and a great film it is.

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