Syriana (2005)

Two Clooney films in a row. This one is by far the more intelligent one, though perhaps not as accessible to all of its viewers.

The film focuses on three American men who are deeply involved, though amazingly indirectly, in the global oil business. The film brings these three innocents to task and we end up sharing in the culpability that ultimately consumes them from within and without.

None of the players in the story are vilified, except perhaps the spoiled Arab prince. The purpose of the film is to expose how we share in the atrocities committed in the name of global energy production because we demand low prices and we demand that our governments ensure that our domestic economy has enough "grease" to compete (dominate) internationally.

The writing, acting (both American and foreign), camera work, and directing is superb. We are whisked around the world from Washington DC to Switzerland to the Middle East to Spain and Lebanon and Iran. It captures an essential truth that in today's world we are deeply interconnected.

A must.

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