August Rush (2007)

A fairy tale in New York City of a boy seeking his parents through the power of music. In many, many ways, it is difficult to take this film seriously. Though much of the music is quite nice, it errs on the side of melodrama.

A one night stand between two prodigious musicians produces a son who finds himself in an orphanage. The child determines to find his parents through the magic of music and begins his quest in New York. A series of episodes and adventures lead him to some miraculous discoveries.

When the surrealism is set aside, the story is pretty and viewers' heartstrings are plucked by the ache for a parent's love or the belief in the supernatural. A fun film for miracle lovers, but painful for the cynic.

Truth: Faith should not be deterred by those who would exploit you.

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Qaro said...

I just got done watching this movie and it was really nice.