Idlewild (2006)

It's too bad this movie hurts. I think it could have had a lot of potential. Great tunes and dancing though.

The two guys from Outkast star in Idlewild and wrote/performed the soundtrack. Two friends whose love of music hold them together despite very different lifestyles end up working the same club in a southern town. Because prohibition is law at this time, gangsters rule the town and the two friends become embroiled in a gang war that neither of them want to be in.

I don't think there is even one token white person in the whole film; it's a movie about black people by black people. This fascinates me because by doing this they eliminated any kind of racial tension that would definitely have been present during prohibition in the deep south. 

Over all there is very weak character development and strong clichés (miraculously being shot in the chest where he just put a Bible that was given to him after being kind to a stranger, crossfire deaths, etc.).

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