Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (2008)

Number four. It didn't top number three in my opinion, but it was a great ride.

World War II is finally over for Dr. Jones and he works for the CIA now as he searches for relics that the Soviets covet. In this episode, he must prevent a psychic spy from discovering the lost city of El Dorado in South America. He is joined by a teenager, Mutt, and the leading lady of Raiders.

The stunts continue as normal with plenty of new ones to please the appetite. Indiana is clearly superhuman and he's fun to watch. I did notice that Harrison Ford's voice faltered quite a bit, it's not as commanding as it used to be.

Spielberg clearly knows what he's doing: no sex, hardly any profanity, the violence is fake, it's only a little scary, but it's edge of your seat cinema.

Truth: Greed kills. Knowledge is better than money.

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