The Exorcism of Emily Rose (2005)

This horror/trial movie is based on true events, though heavily rewritten to suite an American movie audience and to pose the questions the filmmakers wanted to ask. I'm still torn as to whether it should have steered closer to the true story (in Germany of a woman named Anneliese Michel) or whether it should have become more of its own story (which in my mind would have become even more contrived).

Emily Rose breaks down at university either from epileptic seizures and psychotic delusions or from demonic possession. While doctors prescribed medication, a priest, Emily and her parents decide an exorcism is the best option. Neither seem to help and Emily dies tragically from malnutrition. The priest is arrested and put on trial for negligence causing death. What is really on trial is the belief in the notion of demons and possessions.

The acting in the film is dead on and the horror scenes are plenty horrific. The film doesn't come close to touching The Exorcist and I'm curious to see the German film Requiem (another film based on the same character). Everyone is caricatured from the never doubting priest to the ever doubtful defense attorney to the ignorant parents to the stoic prosecutor to the frazzled neurosurgeon who witnessed the exorcism.

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