Transformers (2007)

When a film is based on a toy or an amusement park ride, there can be a reluctance to give it its fair due, but Transformers, like the Pirate of the Caribbean franchise, earns its viewers.

What a fun movie! I enjoyed the way the film wasn't trying to be too realistic, kind of like the intensity in a Die Hard movie - where the plot isn't taken as seriously as the comic relief is. It also doesn't try to present some moral exposition, it's just plain fun.

Shia Lebeouf is a superb actor who certainly proves himself in this film. He has impeccable timing and a great sense of character. Jon Voight is wooden while John Turturro is typically neurotic. The rest of the supporting cast is average, but suite their roles well.

Finally, the effects of the transforming Autobots and Decepticons are stunning. Makes me want to go and buy a toy.

Truth: A smart person surrounds himself with smart people.

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