The Last Castle (2001)

This is a showdown movie, like a western, but set in a modern military prison. It is clear who the good guy is and even clearer who the bad guy is. It is clear that the film makers tried to build some complexity into the these warring leaders, but ultimately the characters are pretty one-dimensional and we are left with a standard action flick.

The colonel in charge of the prison, James Gandolfini, is quite tough on the prisoners and this builds resentment among the inmates. Robert Redford is a general who is sentenced to some years in the prison for disobeying orders from the chief. The prisoners rally behind Redford in order to try and get some reforms in the prison so there won't be more beatings, abuse and unpunished murders by the guards.

The main issue at stake is leadership. The warden is tough and firm from his office window. The new prisoner earns respect from his followers. Pretty basic stuff.

There is the standard confrontation at the end and decent acting from all, but the movie recycles a lot of clichés. I didn't get any chills up my spine either when the trumpet played as the American flag went up the pole.

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