Crossing Over (2009)

In the tradition of Traffic, Babel, and Crash, Crossing Over takes on the issue of illegal immigrants from the perspective of several characters. This one doesn't quite measure up though.

So and so doesn't have a work visa, so should she sleep with an immigration officer? Another appears to be a Muslim extremist, so will she get deported? A woman is sent back to Mexico, but leaves her son behind in L.A. Another little one is discovered to have been a victim of child trafficking, what will happen to her? A Korean family is going to be sworn in as citizens, as long is junior does join a gang. And on and on and on. . . Of course they are all intertwined and we get some happy endings and some tragic.

It's not that the acting is horrible or the plot lines implausible, the story simply caters to a subject rather than real lives (reminds me of how unmoved I was by Rendition).

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